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創立於1979年的アメカジ品牌STUDIO DʻARTISAN於2012年推出全新系列的品牌ORGUEIL,「ORGUEIL」原為法文,此詞語的意思解作「自豪」,正正代表了品牌對其製品的態 度。品牌的設計概念源自Early American風格(即20世紀早期從歐洲傳入美國的紳士服和工作服作為設計藍本)。EARLY AMERICA服飾風格近年在日本相當注目。
ORGUEIL的人物標誌(MR.ELMWOODS)是一位20年代的法國裁縫師。20世紀早期他於一個法國城市內開設了一間名為ORGUEIL的裁縫店,憑著他高超的技藝和新穎的時裝設計,深受人們愛戴。現在ORGEUIL的設計以保留20世紀風格的縫製技術配以現代剪裁將當時EARLY AMERICA服飾的重要元素飾重現

It is a small tailor that is loved by people in the town.
To meet the demands from his customers, Elmwoods creates the patterns with having their faces in his mind.
Please enjoy the works of ORGUEIL designed by Elmwoods, which have the atmosphere in the early 20th century.

20世紀初頭の世界観を漂わせ、エルムウッズによってデザインされたあたたかみのある作品オルゲイユというブランドの物語 ごゆっくりご覧下さい。

Trousers, Shirts, Jackets, Jeans…there are works with some warmth.
The lined up works offer “a smart production with our works which are uplifting as time passes”
This series of works are the clothes which you may find more attractive after some years than those were new.



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